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A River Escape



Barkbiter Battle



Journey Into Climate Crisis



In the vast, wild land of Twigs, trees are devastated by ferocious bark beetles, horrific firestorms destroy forests, melting glaciers flood lakes and valleys, and wildlife is in danger from the loss of their food and homes.

Suddenly thrust upon dangerous paths, one young Twig named Leaf and his forest friends discover their world has unexpected help. In the midst of disappearing habitats, beavers build mighty dams to control floods and quench wildfires. Bark beetles are battled against all odds. Rare trees are saved from extinction. Glaciers may shrink, but their precious water is not lost.  

At last a lesson is learned from the unexpected eruption of a mighty volcano ~ incredible adaption is possible. 

So Leaf and his Twig friends stick together and battle to survive.  

Leaf & the Rushing Waters


A glacial lake bursts its ice dam and floods an
old growth forest! At once, stick creatures known
as Twigs are stranded in their mammoth tree
home. Desperate to help, two young Twigs, Leaf
and Rustle, fly away on a giant leaf to search for
a goliath and sinister leader of a beaver colony
named Slapper.  Soon a mysterious Twig and her
chipmunks join the quest, but the journey proves
even more treacherous.

Slapper must build a mighty dam, but will he
even try?

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Leaf & the Sky of Fire


 In a dying forest infested with swarms of bark
beetles, frightened stick creatures called Twigs
hide in a cave. A young Twig named Leaf
attempts a foolhardy rescue, but instead leads
them all into greater danger. In their darkest
hour a spirit bear stalks their steps and a
terrifying firestorm explodes! 

Yet, there is one passage south, if only the Twigs
discover it in time! 

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Leaf & the Long Ice


An impish, stick creature called Leaf lives in a
giant, old tree beneath an ancient volcano and
its melting glacier. One day, Leaf’s young
brothers run away to play in the vanishing
snow, but soon the Twig twins are lost in a maze
of endless ice tunnels. With the help of a
grumpy hermit and feisty pika, Leaf searches
the blue tubes. 

But it is the rare beasts of the Long Ice who will
decide their fate!  

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Leaf & Echo Peak


 A mammoth volcano rumbles a warning…
Twigs must escape when Echo Peak wakes up,
but all the forest paths are perilous. Many
Twigs leap into a treacherous river, while others
dare the sheer cliffs of a gorge. Leaf and his
courageous friends risk the gloom of a snaking,
prehistoric lava tube, but deadly bats & vicious
moles block their way. 

Twigs must reach a distant Red Forest to be safe,

but does it even exist?  

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About Us

Jo Marshall


  Jo Marshall lives near volcanoes, rain forests, and coastal wetlands in the Pacific Northwest. She is concerned about climate change impacting the wildlife and forests in this region.  

Her timely novels describe this transforming world by means of fantastic adventures about impish, stick creatures called Twigs.

 Jo enjoys mysteries, puzzles,

 board games, and Big Band 

era music. She resides in Marysville, Washington.

All rights to ‘Twig Stories’ art are held by Jo Marshall.

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D.W. Murray


D.W. Murray is an award-winning Disney and Universal Pictures artist whose screen credits include Mulan, Tarzan, Lilo & Stitch, Brother Bear, Curious George, and many other wonderful films.  

Mr. Murray is an award recipient of the prestigious 

New York Society of Illustrators Gallery and the 2004 Gold Aurora Award.

Mr. Murray was a scriptwriter for Big Ideas and the animated series 

3-2-1 Penguins.  

He resides in Florida.



Twigs are impish, stick creatures no taller than robins. Tiny leaves sprout from their arms and legs, and their toes are curly like roots. Their leafy hair and sparkling eyes reflect the colors of red cedars, emerald pines, silver poplars, and huckleberries!

Courage, wits, and skill are all Twigs have to survive in the old forest. They make amazing tools – flaxen ropes, whistles carved from antlers, willow slingshots, and porcupine quill spears. Twigs carry tall sticks they call savers with gemstones on their tips.  Savers capture sunbeams to light up dark caves or burn what they strike!

Twigs protect their old forests and its wildlife. Would you like to join their exciting adventures?