Twig Stories
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Twig Art Gallery

Illustrations by D.W. Murray
Leaf & the Rushing Waters Illustrations
Thunder Peak Map

Echo Peak Map

Leaf & Fern in the Old Seeder

 Leaf Hunts a Quilla Cub

 Feather and Speckles

Rustle & the Firestorm


Lost in the Popper Field

 Slapper & Patty
Pappo & Leaf

Leaf & the Sky of Fire Illustrations
Star Tells a Story

Leaf Flies North

The Stickytoes

 Early Leaf sketch, Aug 2010

 Leaf & Pesky

 Barkbiter Battle

Leaf & Veil on the Ridge

The Cappynut Twins

Crossing of the Guard

Fare Well     

Leaf & the Long Ice Illustrations

Pappo & the Rover!
Buddy & Burba Fly
Mantru & Poppy
Cloud, Blunt, & Buck
Leaf Rides a Ghost
Burba & the Trap
Buck, Burba, & Buddy
Slayer Sleeps
Flip & the Squeakers
Mantru & Slayer

Leaf & Echo Peak Illustrations

The Old Seeder Shivers
Cappynut Twigs & the Yippers
Hemlock & Loon
Saved by Slippers
PapaMook & the Cave
Fern & the Sea Otter Pup
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